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Hair Salon Uniform Australia

Hair Salon Uniform Australia Businesses

Get your hairdressers uniform, Australia professionals, from Unitrend. Each hair salon uniform purchased from our brand can be customized with your preferred size and color. Salon uniforms project a positive brand image and help keep everyone on the same page for any type of dress code.

Hair salon uniform pieces from Unitrend can be purchased separately or as bulk orders. One of our most popular sellers for hairdresser uniforms is our salon aprons. Our tear drop aprons provide plenty of coverage for hairdressers who spend their days working on client’s hair. hairdressers are often colorists too. Our aprons benefit colorists by being resistant to bleach stains. Our aprons are black to fall in line with salon preferences. We offer a range of sizes for our salon aprons including small, medium, large, and extra-large.
Another potential hair salon uniform Australia item could be one of our tunics. The tunics are also bleach resistant and come in different styles to reflect the season. Short-sleeve, long-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and sleeveless versions are all available. A range of sizes are also available in women’s for the tunics. The material washes easily and the tunic is also able to be embroidered to personalize each tunic.

Along with tunics, hairdressers may be outfitted with any of our neutral tops. Our Liz Top is especially popular for those who work in salon settings. The top is lightweight and very breathable. The top is easy to throw over any color and style t-shirt. The deep pockets are convenient for carrying tools of the trade while working.

Purchase a hairdressers uniform Australia from our website or contact one of our helpful representatives. We are able to assess your salon’s needs and make product recommendations to get your staff looking professional and stylish.

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