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Beauty Uniforms Australia

Beauty Uniforms Australia and Beyond

A quality day spa uniform Australia made and sold is not easy to come by. Many uniform companies focus on quantity of sales over quality. Unitrend only sells top-quality shirts, pants, aprons, and more. The beauty uniforms Australia company is dedicated to keeping spa professionals comfortable and pulled together.

A day spa uniform should have a professional appearance with simple and stylish designs. Unitrend provides staple clothing pieces for anyone who works in the beauty industry. Our pieces are affordable with the quality that makes them last throughout your career. We provide many customization options to allow for the perfect look to represent your brand. Popular options for day spas include tunics, vests, aprons, leggings, and v-neck shirts. All pieces are made from easy to care for materials like cotton and can be washed without fading. Many of our uniform pieces are available in black and white for beauty professionals. Sizing is available for women from small to extra-large for most of our pieces.

Men’s uniform pieces are also available through Unitrend. A good amount of the same styles for female day spa workers are customized for men too. Top sellers from Unitrend for men’s medical and spa uniform pieces are panel shirts, round neck shirts, plain button-down shirts, and tailored pants. Sizing options for most items include small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Looking for beauty uniforms, Australia spas? Contact Unitrend today to learn more about our clothing options and brand.

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