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Bleach Resistant Tunics

Bleach Resistant Tunics for Beauty and Medical Spas

Unitrend is proud to offer bleach resistant tunics and bleach resistant pants Australia made. These pieces are bestsellers due to them being easy to wash and wear. The material is top-quality and can be worn over and over again in a professional setting. All colors and styles are neutral to appeal for all types of beauty and medical professions.

The bleach resistant tunics are a good choice for those who are employed by spas, salons, medical offices, and hospitals. The style is very neutral without any distracting embellishments. Proper fit is provided to allow for workers to focus on their clients without worrying about buttons or zippers getting in the way. The tunics are available in either black or white. Size options start at a women’s size 6 up to women’s size 16. The tunics are very comfortable and appropriate for all body types. The lightweight material has high breathability to keep professionals cool on the job. Sleeve types include sleeveless, short sleeve, ¾ sleeve, and long sleeve. Belted options are also offered on styles like the Rochelle Tunic. Pocket areas are open to allow businesses to embroider with their own company labels or name tags. hairdressers and other professionals working with chemicals can rest assured that the material of all our tunics are resistant to stains, including bleach.

Bleach resistant pants Australia made are another option from Unitrend. We provide different styles of bleach resistant pants as a way to outfit your staff all year long. Rouch pants are very popular with staff at spas and salons with an extremely comfortable feel. The black pants complement any type of uniform pieces you may currently have and is available in standard and long sizes. The rouched waistband is made for all day wear to avoid uncomfortable cinching at the waist. Baggier style and leggings are also available through Unitrend.

Contact Unitrend today to learn more about our bleach resistant offerings for your team members.

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