Bleach Resistant Uniform Australia

College Uniforms Australia Students

Through Unitrend, find your next bleach resistant uniform Australia beauty students. When enrolled in beauty school or college, you will be expected to wear professional pieces during your studies. Unitrend has a range of spa wear, medical professional pieces, and corporate wear.

For salon students, choose any of our pieces for your professional wardrobe. Our tunics, shirts, pants, and leggings are designed for those who are on the move all day long. The pieces are very comfortable with materials that can be washed regularly without fading or piling. The fabrics are bleach resistant to prevent any accidental staining. All fits are tailored to your body type to prevent getting in the way while you practice within your student salon.

College and school uniforms are also available through Unitrend. Our collections are classics in neutral colors such as white, blue, black, and gray. Uniform pieces can include button down shirts, blouses, and polo shirts. Pants and skirts are also available for uniform purposes. Pieces can be mixed and matched to accommodate all seasons in Australia. Long sleeve and short sleeve styles are available on most shirt types. Many of our best pieces for college uniforms are under the Biz Collection line of clothing.
Fabrics from our uniform collections require minimal care. Most are machine washable and won’t fade after cleaning. We use premium fabrics to help extend the lifetime of all your uniform pieces.

Unitrend, a college uniforms Australia company is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our brand and choose your uniform pieces.